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Food Safety Auditing Services - Cross Compliance Training Ltd

Food Safety Audits are a vital part of any food business and we recommend you carry out Audits on a frequent basis to ensure your business remains compliant, protect your reputation, and also allow you and your employees to remain in total control of your food hygiene management system.

As part of our Food Hygiene Audit , our Food Safety Auditing Services Process is extremely comprehensive and offers you a review of your food-business premises against industry-standard weighted criteria.

Your Food Safety Auditing Services Audit Report is tailored to your type of business and will include an industry-standard weighted score for the business. Also a detailed action plan on areas of improvement and photographic evidence aligned to each score to enable you, as the business owner, to visualise the issue and to manage your Food Hygiene Rating expectations.

Our Professional team of experienced Food Hygiene experts will visit your premises and review the following:

  • Paperwork and management controls (HACCP System)
  • Food controls examples are (receipt of delivery / dry stores / chilled storage / defrosting / preparation / cooking / reheating / display / service / blast chill / blast freeze / vacuum pac / sous vide / delivery)
  • Service
  • Thermometers
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Structure and hand wash facilities
  • Equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Training records

So if you wish to improve your Food Hygiene score and want to book our Food Safety Auditing Services, please call 07586 608461 today for a quote on how we can help your business succeed or enquire here.

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